Everything New for QD-OLED in 2023

Everything New for QD-OLED in 2023

Take a deep dive into the latest technological advancements for Samsung QD-OLED TVs and monitors. Find out what’s new and why QD-OLED is leading the way.

The Samsung QD-OLED 2023 – the second generation of the award-winning QD-OLED display – was a popular talking point at this year’s CES. So, what is the buzz about?

We’ve recently published an e-book exploring the unreal innovation of the QD-OLED 2023. Some of the main QD-OLED upgrades below are also summarized below. 

New technologies furthering innovation

The 2023 QD-OLED has improved its display performance by incorporating two new technologies: HyperEfficient Electroluminescence and IntelliSense AI (v2.0).

HyperEfficient Electroluminescence

The QD-OLED 2023 displays use breakthrough new OLED HyperEfficient Electroluminescence material to make its blue-emitting layer more efficient and clearer. This results in 30% brighter screens.

IntelliSense AI (v2.0)

The advanced pixel-level optimization algorithm, IntelliSense AI (v2.0), extends the QD-OLED 2023’s lifetime and durability. It also reduces overall power consumption by up to 25% compared to the award-winning 2022 model.

Even more outstanding color

The QD-OLED set new standards for high-performance displays with bright and realistic color expressions when it first launched in 2022. Samsung’s relentless drive for innovation continues with the all-new QD-OLED 2023, taking its advanced color technology further.

The QD-OLED integrates the printed red and green quantum dots with self-emitting layers producing blue light. Quantum dots are advanced nanoscale materials that emit precise wavelengths of light that determine light colors. The blue OLED light is then converted into precise, narrow-band red and green colors. The unique process of color conversion allows QD-OLED displays to produce flawless life-like color accurately and consistently – and the 2023 improvements make this more impressive than ever. 

Astonishingly real pictures

Enjoy content the way directors intended with Samsung’s 2023 QD-OLED TVs and monitors.

QD-OLED’s narrow band and primary color emission provide the ideal tri-luminous source. This can create more than 90% coverage of BT.2020 and 99% coverage of the Digital Cinema Initiatives (DCI-P3 color space). This unparalleled color representation can reproduce almost all the colors visible in nature (a.k.a. the Pointer’s gamut). Content creators can convey the most comprehensive range of rich colors in their work using QD-OLED technology, and viewers can enjoy vivid and accurately rendered images.

Thanks to the narrow and tall spectral cones of QD-OLED, we can experience more impressive colors with pure R, G, and B. This can bring your favorite movies and games to life. QD-OLED 2023 is the next level of OLED performance. No other display comes close to the exciting high dynamic range (HDR) experience of a QD-OLED. As the QD-OLED is capable of recreating all the natural colors, you can now see on your screen what your eyes can see out of a window.

The 2023 edition takes the quantum color experience one step further.

eXperienced Color Range (XCR)

When you look at a QD-OLED display, you’ll notice that it’s much brighter than other panel technologies at the same luminance. This is due to its eXperienced Color Range (XCR). The XCR delivers more realistic visuals and accounts for colorfulness and brightness.

Measured luminance does not reflect the brightness experienced by humans, so XCR was developed as a new indicator. Studies have proven that the perceived brightness is not only dependent on the luminosity but also on the color saturation or what is generally called color vividness. Established on those studies, eXperiential Color Range (XCR) is a term to represent “the degree to which people feel the vividness of the image quality.” In other words, it’s the integrated value that includes both luminance and color vividness. This is why consumers who have experienced QD-OLED say it delivers more life-like visuals. 

To learn more about XCR and why it’s one of the reasons the 2023 QD-OLED is so impressive, visit our ‘What is XCR?’ blog.

Better off-axis performance

QD-OLED technology enables superior off-axis performance.

Colors look realistic from all angles, enhancing the feeling of immersion. The unique light flux structure of a QD-OLED supports this experience. The QD-OLED light energy is dome-shaped or ‘Lambertian,’ so it’s evenly distributed in all directions, resulting in perfect color and luminance regardless of viewing angle.

1 Hyeyoung Ha, et al, ‘Image-brightness prediction model for wide-color gamut displays based on Helmholtz– Kohlrausch (H–K) effect’, JID 2022, vol.23, no.2, pp. 115-120 
* YungKyung Park, ‘Measuring Color Strength for Wide Color Gamut OLEDs’, SID Vol53, Issue 1, pp1172-1175

LCDs use polarizers and liquid crystals that limit their off-axis performance. Although WOLEDs outperform LCDs, WOLED technology still falls short of QD-OLEDs. A QD-OLED retains 34% more brightness and 50% less color shift even at a significant off-axis viewing angle, such as 60 degrees, compared to the on-axis view (0 degrees). Every seat is a cinema experience with a QD-OLED display.

Even more awe-inspiring shadow details

The 2023 QD-OLED offers exceptional shadow detail rendering. With enhanced low luminance power control and true R/G/B pixels, a QD-OLED creates the deepest blacks with exquisite details – without the dreaded ‘black crush.’ This brings attention to even the smallest things, taking your home cinema or gaming experiences to the next level.

With a QD-OLED, you’ll see everything in every scene, even in the dark. When the shadows are combined with the super fine level dimming and the fantastic specular highlights, the details jump out of the screen.

New industry certifications

The QD-OLED 34” monitor is accredited by SGS as meeting their Eye Care Display standards. It was also recently certified by TÜV Rheinland as EyeSafe.

QD-OLED technology has been optimized for eye health with low emission of harmful blue light. As we spend more time on our displays, we must consider the impact on our health. Now you can enjoy the QD-OLED performance without eye fatigue. 

In addition to these eye safety certifications, the QD-OLED 34” monitor also meets the requirements of G-Sync Ultimate and FreeSync Premium Pro – verifying that the monitor will aid smooth gaming experiences.

More proof that QD-OLED is leading the display pack

The 2023 update on the QD-OLED pushes Samsung’s innovation ahead and makes its difference from other display technologies even greater.

QD-OLED and WOLED display technologies can seem similar since both use organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) as their light source, but they are a generation apart. OLED uses a white and R/G/B pixel, while QD-OLED uses an additive R/G/B pixel, which means it builds color one layer at a time. Conventional white OLED, also called WOLED, shows color by filtering white light from OLED light sources in the same way as LCDs. QD-OLED is different as it converts blue light into red or green. In other words, WOLED creates colors through filtering, but QD-OLED employs color conversion to display vivid and vibrant colors no matter where you sit.

The difference between a QD-OLED and an LCD is like night and day. Transmissive LCDs are equipped with a separate backlight. To create blacks, liquid crystals block these “always-on” backlights. Even with advanced designs like dimming zones, some light escapes, resulting in LCD blacks that often look gray. However, as a self-luminous display, QD-OLED can express perfect black without light leakage because each sub-pixel makes its own light.

QD-OLED creates unbeatable value for even the most discerning users. Unlike WOLED or LCDs that rely on color filters, QD-OLEDs’ color conversion allows for far superior color performance. With QD-OLED, you benefit from brightness like LCD, deep blacks like OLED, and more vivid and accurate colors that everyone can enjoy from a wider field of view.

To find out more about quantum dots, read our quick explainer on quantum dots technology.

Everything New For QD-OLED 2023

Want to know more about the latest QD-OLED innovations for 2023? 

Take a deep dive into the technological advancements and download our QD-OLED 2023: Unreal Innovation e-book.

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