Samsung QD-OLED New Technology Enhancements for 2023

Samsung QD-OLED New Technology Enhancements for 2023

Explore the newest TV technology for 2023. Read about improved color, dynamic range, and more in our round-up of Samsung’s QD-OLED enhancements.

Samsung Display’s unrelenting quest for innovation continues with the introduction of its new TV technology for 2023 – enhanced QD-OLED. 

The latest Samsung QD-OLED combines the best in material engineering, quantum physics, and vision science to create stunning colors, vivid details, and a captivating viewing experience.

The newest TV technology for QD-OLED

Samsung’s 2023 QD-OLED features an all-new technology stack. The impressive display has been developed using a breakthrough OLED HyperEfficient Electroluminescence material and our most advanced optimization algorithm yet, IntelliSense AI (v2.0).

With 30% brighter screens than our award-winning 2022 model, the updated Samsung QD-OLED sets a new record in display performance. QD-OLED raises full brightness (color and white) as opposed to other displays that apply a white boost. This creates a sophisticated cinematic display that is even more awe-worthy.

The 2023 QD-OLED model is made possible by combining multiple technological innovations, resulting in a display like no other.

Unparalleled color performance

Lifelike picture quality allows you to watch cinema as the director intended – all from the comfort of your couch. 

Lifelike colors will amaze you on your screen – realistic skin tones, bright neon lights, and all the shades of nature; there is nothing that QD-OLED cannot handle. Immerse yourself in the broadest possible spectrum of vibrant color.

Exceptional dynamic range

With QD-OLED, you can see shadow details rendered with exceptional clarity and integrity. You can uncover previously unseen details in your favorite films, unlocking a new way to watch. 

Our 2023 QD-OLED TV and monitors have an impressive extended dynamic range from 0.0005 to 2000 nits. This supports HDR performance from bright highlights to astonishing details in black.

Unrivaled off-axis views

QD-OLED gives you an expanded off-axis viewing range of up to 80 degrees. In comparison, displays that don’t use quantum dots often only have a range of 35 to 50 degrees. Advanced light waveform ensures uniform brightness and color – regardless of whether you are sitting, standing, or even lying down.

Why our 2023 QD-OLED technology is better than ever before

The 2023 Samsung QD-OLED model builds on already groundbreaking display technology. Now you can enjoy the powerful QD-OLED for longer, more efficiently, and in a wider range of sizes.

Increased durability

Our 2023 model is built to last. It’s now twice as durable as our award-winning QD-OLED displays from last year. 

This is partly thanks to the inclusion of IntelliSense AI, which is specially optimized for QD-OLED pixels. Real-time monitoring predicts and optimizes pixel-level load and light output for each sub-pixel. This means any abnormal behavior is detected and resolved instantly – like magic!

Reduced power usage

Our latest QD-OLED technology meets the stringent 2023 EU Energy-related Products Directive (ErP). This means you get the same technological benefits of a QD-OLED display but with 25% less power consumption than the previous model.

Expanded line-up

Samsung QD-OLED technology is now available in a broader range of displays: 55”, 65”, and 77″ TVs, and 34” (21:9) and 49″ (32:9) monitors. 

The new 77” TV offers an ultra-immersive experience for home cinema enthusiasts, while the 49” monitor opens up new possibilities for gamers. 

Samsung QD-OLED offers unreal innovation and unrivaled performance. Want to try it out for yourself? Take the quantum leap with a new display now! 

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