Transform your home entertainment

Make movie night magical with Samsung QD-OLED

Transform your home entertainment

Make movie night magical with Samsung QD-OLED

Why choose QD-OLED?

The Samsung QD-OLED is here to revolutionize your home entertainment.

For an unparalleled view of your favorite streaming service in brilliant 4K HDR resolution. With an extended dynamic luminosity range, you can see new details in old favorites. And thanks to an impressive bit depth, even ultra-high definition movies are elevated.

Upgrade your gaming experience with unmatched picture quality, true HDR and extended color gamut like no other. All this is set to a variable frame rate and supported by instantaneous response time so you won’t miss a single pixel no matter how fast you’re moving.

Premium TVs

Samsung QD-OLED TVs give you more.

  • More dynamic luminosity range with pixel-level dimming for enhanced contrasts without haloing
  • More color volume, so every color pops as intended
  • More viewing angles, so you get the best view no matter where you sit
  • More robust production quality, so you can have a superior experience over a longer product lifetime
display size 55"
display size 65"
display size 77"

Color Volume

Raise the bar with 90% Rec.
2020 color gamut coverage

Viewing Angle

Make every seat the center of experience

Experienced Color Range

Enjoy bright vivid colors that are never washed out

Samsung QD-OLED Performance Tested

Experience Color Range

XCR (@APL25%) 266
Color Gamut (TV) BT2020 ≥ 90%

Performance Gaming Monitors

QD-OLED provides game creators and players with everything they need for the best experiences.

  • Enhanced color gamut and more vivid picture quality, giving you the full experience
  • Faster response times, so you can stay ahead of the game
  • Better HDR performance, so that you’re immersed in every character’s universe

Performance Gaming Monitors

Serious gamers can take their gaming to the next level, thanks to elite response time with a variable refresh rate, combined with the best color and contrast a display can offer.

Color Performance

Enjoy the breadth of color spectrum with 99.3% DCI-P3 coverage

High Frame Rate

Delivers clear motion in fast-moving scenes – engineered for gamers who measure time in milliseconds

Mega Contrast Ratio

Replays the full range of brightness, from luminosity to deep blacks

Samsung QD-OLED Performance Tested

Eye Case Display

Harmful Blue Light
Less Than 11.5%

Don’t Take Our Word For It

Hear from leading experts on why QD-OLED is taking Quantum Dots to the next level.

“I am extremely impressed with QD-OLED. It has exceeded my expectations in terms of picture quality!”

— Charles Poynton, Color Scientist

“The thing that is most exciting about it is the quality of the viewing experience. It’s shocking how much brighter, how much more vivid the colors are and the contrast that you see on a QD-OLED.”

— Russel Kempt, VP Nanosys Inc.

“QD-OLED opens new possibilities. It’s a new frontier – it has performance attributes that were previously unavailable.”

— Bill Feightner, CTO ColorFront

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