Samsung Display’s ‘eXperienced Color Range’ news

Samsung Display’s ‘eXperienced Color Range’ Method Adopted as the Global Standard

Samsung’s Samsung Display’s ‘eXperienced Color Range’ Method adopted as the global standard by the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Institute (SEMI).

Have you heard of XCR?

XCR is a way of quantifying the perceived brightness of displays based on a color appearance model to convert the measured spectrum of light into perceptual attributes, such as achromatic brightness, colorfulness and hue. Previously, a display’s brightness performance could only be measured simply by ‘luminance,’ which only took into account how many times brighter a display is than the standard unit of brightness, nit, which is equivalent to a single candle illuminating an area.

Samsung’s eXperienced Color Range (XCR) measurement method refers to a phenomenon in which a display with excellent color reproduction appears much brighter even when the luminance value measured by a machine is the same. By acknowledging the color gamut, XCR is a more accurate measure of a consumer’s actual experience rather than the brightness measured by a luminance meter.

Samsung Display has been emphasizing the need for an XCR measurement standard since 2020 when the QD-OLED business began to grow. They were the first in the display industry to suggest the eXperienced Color Range (XCR) measurement method to the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials Institute (SEMI);  an industry organization in which over 2,500 semiconductor and display companies from around the world participate. SEMI officially adopted the method of XCR as an international standard on 3Q 2023.

Now, with SEMI’s advocacy, XCR is expected to become a key standard of image quality for screen manufacturers and consumers alike. Samsung’s ‘23 QD-OLED has the best color reproduction among existing OLED displays, so has been measured at a superior level in eXperienced Color Range (XCR).Find out more about this industry-changing development with our related article, or read about how Samsung’s advanced color model can effectively evaluate new display technologies.

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