SEE Everything, SIT Anywhere – QD-OLED’s exceptional viewing angle


SEE Everything, SIT Anywhere – QD-OLED’s exceptional viewing angle

QD-OLED has a wider viewing angle that maintains image quality, brightness, color and contrast at very acute angles.

SEE everything, SIT anywhere. 

As TV becomes the family and social hub, viewing angle plays an important role in how you and yours experience the display. Consumers have often pointed out the lack of color uniformity when viewing conventional OLED (WRGB) from the acute side angles or the dull images caused by loss of luminosity even on the mini-led LCD TV’s.

Well now with Samsung Displays QD-OLED you can step into a new world. A world where you can share your experience with all that you care to invite.

– Gavin McCarron (Sony Europe, Technical Marketing Manager TV) in an interview to AVSforum. 

Want to hear more from Gavin McCarron’s interview with AVSforum? Watch the video here

QD-OLED enables a wider viewing angle than conventional OLED (WRGB) or IPS LCD. This is possible due to the QD-OLED layer on the front of the screen that emits light in all directions. In other words, QD-OLED is expressed in all directions 360 degrees without any direction when light is generated, so any angle, Even when viewed from above, it is possible to express the image quality with no change in brightness or color.

The luminance of the QD-OLED maintains more than 80% (Figure 1) even when it is out of 60 degrees from the front, and the Δu’v, the color coordinate change, is well below 0.01 (Figure 1). Looking at Figure 2, We compared the luminance distribution, and it can be seen that QD-OLED has superior viewing angle characteristics compared to LCD and conventional OLED (WRGB).

[Figure 1] Viewing angle performance

Excellent side visibility performance makes QD-OLED the perfect Home Entertainment platform, ensuring an immersive experience from every seat in the house. Skin tones appear more natural and realistic, enhancing the sense of immersion. This feature brings great value to monitor users, especially if they work in a collaborative office or have a standing desk with varying vertical viewing angles. With QD-OLED, you always have a clear view of what’s on your screen, no matter where you are!

1.) Source: SDC R&D Picture Quality Lab measurements 2.) EZ Contrast, measurement condition, capturing the normalized luminance of the display at various viewing angles (horizontal and vertical) 3.) The graph exhibits the percentage drop in luminosity and thus the user experience as the viewing angle is changed. 4.) Additional notes
 [Figure 2] Luminance distribution

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