Hollywood Reveal Event

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Hollywood Reveal Event

Introducing Samsung Display’s QD-OLED technology to Hollywood.

Introducing QD-OLED to Hollywood

In May, Samsung Display team organized a roadshow to showcase QD-OLED TV and Monitors with the leading movie and content makers. It was held in the Sheraton Universal, right in the heart of Los Angeles, studio district!

Here are some of the comments we heard attendees say! 

▲ Chirag Shah from Samsung Display explains the advantages of QD-OLED to the movie        industry experts. 

Samsung Display’s Hollywood Reveal Demo was attended by representatives from a number of major movie production companies including Disney, Universal Studios, Warner Bros, and Netflix.

The event allowed film industry leaders to witness the QD-OLED’s impressive performance in both a home and studio-like environment. The attendees were particularly impressed by the QD-OLED’s rich color expressions displaying over 90 percent of the BT.2020 color space, the widest color volume (over 100% of DCI P3), and its HDR performance.

After the interactive demo sessions, each industry expert was invited to share their current pain points and hopes for QD-OLED. These insights will help us collaborate further with studios and professional content creators.

▲ Participants enjoying the picture quality of QD-OLED in the darkroom 
▲ Showcasing the stunning color and dazzling details of the 65″ QD-OLED

QD-OLED: Exceptional color gamut and perfect HDR performance

QD-OLED offers the widest color range among commercialized panels in the market. It reaches 120% of the DCI-P3 color volume and up to 90% of the BT.2020 color space.

Engineered as a True RGB (without any white boost), QD-OLED can express a broad range of colors. Its color gamut is one of the most extensive available. The ability to recreate more colors means images look more realistic — almost life-like. 

Learn more about the benefits of QD-OLED here.

HDR (high dynamic range) is a critical performance metric. The wider the range between the brights and blacks, the better the experience. QD-OLED offers industry-leading deep black (under 0.0005 nit). It also extends peak brightness capability (1,500 nits).

With QD-OLED, HDR content comes to life with bright highlights, smooth color gradients and deep blacks.QD-OLED’s have already impressed display industry leaders. Samsung Display’s QD-OLED recently won the “Best New Display Component” People’s Choice Awards at the 60th Society for Information Display (SID)’s Display Week 2022. 

QD-OLED’s future in the movie production industry

QD-OLED’s excellent viewing angle, high contrast ratio, and wide color gamut appealed to the event’s expert attendees. 

With more interactive discussions and long-term collaborations ahead, Samsung Display will continue to build on relationships with movie industry leaders and empower them with technology that delivers phenomenal visuals on screen.

Event | QD Technology

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