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Introducing the 55” UHD XMP550 Next Generation HDR Mastering Monitor

It’s here – we’re proud to introduce the world’s first professional QD-OLED HDR mastering monitor. Find out more about the ground-breaking UHD XMP550.

The dawn of a new era for professional HDR monitors

Flanders Scientific has unveiled the UHD XMP550 – the world’s first professional QD-OLED monitor designed for HDR content mastering. 

The ground-breaking OLED HDR 4K monitor made its official debut at Samsung Display’s Hollywood Reveal Event, held at the Sheraton Hotel in Los Angeles from May 31 to June 1 2023. Among the attendees were representatives from some of the most prominent companies in the global film industry, including Walt Disney Studios, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros., and Netflix. 

The FSI monitor had its first public showcase at Cine Gear Expo at Paramount Studios. Here, it earned the prestigious Cine Gear Expo Technical Award for its achievements in Post-Production Technology. It then went on to notch the prestigious HPA Engineering Excellence Award – so not a bad start. 

Watch Newsshooter’s coverage of the XMP550 in action at Cine Gear Expo:

A longstanding industry challenge is finally solved

The arrival of the UHD XMP550 HDR mastering monitor is welcome news for professional content creators and the entertainment industry as a whole. 

Traditionally, Hollywood grading suites have had to rely on a small desktop-size reference-grade HDR mastering monitor, plus a non-reference level client-viewing monitor.

Now, for the first time, the large-format XMP550 (55”) delivers the best of both worlds; a single display with reference-grade performance that’s large enough for the colorist and clients to view. 

Its arrival has already impressed prominent industry figures, including Joey D’Anna, Senior Colorist & Online Editor for Discovery Communications, and Jeff Yurek, Head of Marketing for Nanosys.

Key specifications and features

  • 55’’ 4K HDR mastering monitor featuring Samsung QD-OLED technology
  • UHD resolution 
  • HDR and SDR reference mastering 
  • Qualifies as a Dolby Vision mastering monitor
  • 2,000 nits peak luminance
  • 4,000,000:1 contrast
  • Widest color gamut to-date
  • Easy color management, thanks to factory pre-calibration and highly-accurate volumetric auto-calibration 
  • Compatible with popular third-party calibration solutions, such as Calman and ColourSpace
  • Exceptional off-axis viewing – the widest viewing angle with the least off-axis contrast and color shift ever featured in an FSI monitor 
  • Highly power-efficient compared to most other reference-grade HDR display solutions 

Watch Mixing Light’s interview with Bram Desmet, CEO of Flanders Scientific, as he reveals more about the technology behind the XMP550:

How the QD-OLED mastering monitor compares to OLEDs and LCDs

The XMP550 showcases superior performance over OLED, Full Array Local Dimming (FALD) LCD, and Global Dimming LCD mastering monitors. 

Many OLED monitors are too dim for HDR mastering or suffer from volumetric collapse (making them unsuitable for HDR-level color accuracy). But this QD-OLED 4K monitor avoids color volume limitations and easily exceeds 1,000nits peak luminance – with space to spare – because it’s truly RGB additive for white. 

What’s more, the XMP550’s sharply accurate per-pixel level luminance control means there are none of the limitations found with FALD LCDs. And unlike Global Dimming LCDs, the XMP550 features industry-leading simultaneous contrast rendering bright highlights and dark lowlights with immense clarity. Now that’s impressive. 
For more information about the XMP550, visit the Flanders Scientific site.

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