Introducing new Pantone Validated status

Samsung Display’s QD-OLED panels to become the world’s first Pantone Validated

Samsung Display’s QD-OLED panels become the world’s first to gain prestigious Pantone Validated status, granting them the highest level of color confidence.

Samsung Display’s 2023 QD-OLED (Quantum-dot, organic light-emitting diode) panels (77·65·55-inch) is the world’s first Pantone PMS and SkinTone Validated display panels. Pantone is the world’s most prestigious color research and development company and numerous industries use their color system, the PMS(Pantone Matching System). 

What is Pantone Validation?

Pantone tests the display’s ability to faithfully reproduce the full range of Pantone colors and skin tones found in our Pantone Guides –that’s 2390 colors and 138 skin tones! Validation is granted only when the level of accuracy does not exceed the acceptable level of them. The color system used for validation is divided into two. One is more than 2,100 colors in the ‘PMS library’ and more than 110 colors in the ‘Pantone SkinTone library’. Find out more about this unique validation system from the Pantone website

What does this mean for the QD-OLED?

Samsung QD-OLED is now designed with the highest level of color fidelity. With a high color volume and high color gamut, in particular, it expresses colors using only RGB three primary colors of light, enabling more accurate expression of colors than any other technology. In other words, it is possible because of no wash-out by white subpixels and colors are expressed only by mixing pure Red, Green, and Blue. By becoming the world’s first pantone-certified panel, QD-OLED is providing OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) with wide canvases and accurate colored paints. Hear from Pantone on what this validation means to them in our full release.

How does this partnership enhance your user experience?

Acquiring Pantone’s validation means that Samsung’s QD-OLED color reproducibility is more reliable than anything else display technology. A Pantone Validated mark confirms that the display meets Pantone’s stringent testing criteria and can authentically reproduce Pantone colors and skin tones. The validated mark also gifts you the essential experience of viewing the precise color that content creators originally intended you to see and enjoy.

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