Gaming Reimagined with QD-OLED

Gaming Reimagined with QD-OLED

See your way to victory with QD-OLED, the pinnacle of gaming performance. Superior color performance for a truly immersive gaming exprience, exceptionally wide viewing angle, fast response time and more!

Engineered for wins. Designed for beauty. 

As the gaming universe delivers new content alongside new capabilities, QD-OLED provides an expanded canvas of performance-enhancing features that is sure to get the attention of both game developers and the avid gamers who play them. With most major releases supporting HDR and wide screen play, every release of new video games continue to get closer photorealism. What a perfect to level-up with QD-OLED! Whether you’re making heroic maneuvers on on Call of Duty or Battlefield, exploring uncharted worlds as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, or trying out new emotes with your friends on Fortnite, you’re invited to experience a gaming display like nothing on the market and…

SEE Everything, SEE Flawlessly and SEE Differently! 

QD-OLED Technology

The display of tomorrow

Introducing the new QD-OLED from Samsung Display Company: the only QHD+ monitor display to combine next generation Quantum Dot technology with self-emitting layers producing blue light to deliver the pinnacle of gaming performance. Starting with a self-emitting layer producing blue light, you can expect strong brightness, superior color volume and gamut range. Plus, an inherently natural low blue light level means reduced eye strain and fatigue during those extra long sessions. We have also simplified construction and panel that is thinner, providing superior speed, color and graphic performance.

See your way to victory

When it comes to comparing QD-OLED to other LCD gaming monitors, the numbers don’t lie. See for yourself:

A whole new level of gaming performance

All of the color 

For a truly immersive gaming experience, superior color performance is about as important as it gets. Colors have a powerful emotional affect on people, which is why developers are constantly upgrading gaming engines and processors. The better the color, the better the engagement. The great news is that QD-Display comes with color gamut 99.3% DCI-P3 and a staggering color volume over 110% DCI-P3 CIELAB. The breadth of color across the spectrum dazzles the eye as you immerse yourself in any game, on any platform.

Unlike previous displays that were designed with Quantum Dot sheets, QD-OLED has red and green quantum dot material printed on each pixel. And unlike WOLED (white-OLED) or LCD’s that rely on color filters, QD-OLED introduces color conversion. This unique difference allows QD-OLED to produce narrow band red, green and blue spectrum of light.

This narrow color spectrum cone means that each color in the RGB trifecta is being created at finely tuned wavelength, as accurately as possible. As the accuracy of color expressed by combining RGB wavelengths increases, the area of color representation through the color combinations also widens. With this, The QD-OLED’s provides the most ideal tri-luminous source, creating never-before-seen over 110% color volume (DCI-P3).

Details previously unseen emerge, and with 10-bit color depth, deliver a more immersive experience across every frame, which is exactly how the creators intended their games to be experienced.

Color Performance of QD-OLED

Wide. Wider. Widest. 

In addition to industry-leading color performance, QD-OLED provides an exceptionally wide viewing angle. Unlike WOLED or LCD technologies, QD-OLED has a distinctive dome shaped flux structure (also called Lambertian Flux). This uniformly dispersed light structure ensures that images look the same – no matter which angle you’re watching it from. No more washed-out colors and no more dull or pale images from side viewing angles.

QD-OLED gives you a clear viewing angle of up to 80 degrees – versus 35 – 50 degrees from other technologies. In other words, the QD-OLED in an entertainment platform class of its own.

All of the contrast

The QD-OLED’s self-emitting pixels require no external backlight, allowing it to achieve true black by turning off each individual pixels. The result? The lowest measurable black level of 0.0005 nits. On the other hand, QD-OLED uses true RGB additive light create perfect whites and high luminosity, providing, the perfect complement to your HDR gaming experience with an infinite contrast ratio.

Compare that to transmissive screens, like LCD’s, which are equipped with a separate backlight. To create blacks, these “always-on” backlights are blocked by the liquid crystals in the LCD. Even with advanced designs like dimming zones some light escapes resulting in LCD blacks that often look gray! With QD-OLED you can see ‘shadow details’ rendered with exceptional clarity and integrity . If you’re one of the last 10 players in a Battle Royale and stealthily moving through an alleyway, you will see everything – especially if it’s hiding in the shadows.

None of the halo

With 4.9 million self-dimming pixel zones (meaning they’re able to turn on and off), you can say goodbye to any glow, halo, or blooming around lights in dark spaces that were never intended to be there. QD-OLED can express clear boundaries by adjusting the luminance in the pixels with pinpoint accuracy. A brightly lit pixel can be next to a black pixel, thereby producing the sharpest of image edges. When gaming on a monitor powered by QD-OLED, you can expect angelic picture clarity and unprecedented pixel-level control, as unique as the world you’ve immersed yourself in.

The motion clarity of authority

Response time on QD-OLED panels is near-instantaneous, delivering clear motion in even the fastest moving scenes. And for gamers who know that seconds are an eternity, every millisecond counts. It often is the difference between winning and losing, landing a headshot, or even finessing that perfect line during your final lap. QD-OLED native GtG (gray-to-gray) response time, comes in at an incredible GtG 0.1ms – or 1000 times faster than the average blink.

QD-OLED also boasts motion clarity (reduced motion blur) with a high frame refresh rate capability (~175Hz). This feature ensure that QD-OLED gamers experience significantly minimized ghosting (a faint double image), or tearing (when the processor is out of sync with display). This spells trouble for competing displays, not to mention anyone who faces-off against you during your next e-tourney.

High frame rate up to

175 Hz

GtG response time

0.1 ms

Adaptive sync, and some. 

The QD-OLED is collaborating with leading adaptive sync platforms and gaming ecosystem experts to ensure these native capabilities are further enhanced through seamless integration of partner technologies. By working closely with leading brands and their partners, we strive to ensure the lowest system latency and the best responsiveness for even the most demanding games.

Options to suit any style

34″ QHD widescreen curved gaming monitor – the gaming monitor of gaming monitors. 

Modern desktop and console gaming experiences have become long-session events – marathons even – and gamers demand to feel immersed every second, on every level, in every win along the way. Our curved, Ultrawide 21:9 quantum dot powered QD-OLED does just that, by showcasing a field of view that is unrivaled by any flat-panel options. In fact, it’s so wide that you can keep three full-size browsers open, side by side. You can play the game and connect with your friends and followers without compromising experience. Plus, at 34”, gamers don’t need to sacrifice desk space or aesthetics to achieve the performance they demand. The QHD+ is the display to help you win – and look good doing it.

Why your next gaming monitor should be a QD-OLED

A Quick Recap:

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