The 5 Best QD-OLED Monitor Reviews


The 5 Best QD-OLED Monitor Reviews

Is QD-OLED right for you? These 5 independent and trusted reviewers share their views to help make your decision easy.

1. Over 2 million people cannot be wrong. See how Linus Tech tests QD-OLED.

Title: This isn’t Sponsored. Alienware AW3423DW QD OLED

Creator: Linus Tech Tips 

Views: 2M+ 

What Linus is saying

It is crazy how photorealistic this game looks on an accurate display.

This thing will do 99.3% coverage of the DCI-P3 color space.

This looks freaking awesome!

It’s more like looking at a picture almost.

2. HDTVTest calls this the BEST PC gaming monitor?

Title: The Best PC Gaming Monitor. Period. 

Creator: HDTVTest

Views: 100K+ 

What HDTVTest is saying

A very reasonable price of $1,300 for cutting-edge display.

AW3423DW QD-OLED Monitor receives our highly recommended best-in-class award.

3. The fiercely independent calls it “The Ultrawide Gaming Monitor”

Title: Alienware 34 QD-OLED Review: HDR Gaming Heaven


Views: 60K+ 

What is saying

Perfect black in every game, especially HDR-enabled games really come alive.

For PC gamers, this is the upgrade you’ve been waiting for!

4. Easily the best HDR gaming monitor you can buy right now

Title: The Best Monitor Ever? Alienware AW3423DW QD-OLED Review

Creator: Hardware Unboxed

Views: 250K+ 

What Hardware Unboxed is saying

It’s easily the best HDR gaming monitor you can buy right now.

The AW3423DW has a very wide color gamut particulary for p3 coverage hitting 99.3 which is the highest that I’ve seen.

5. Behind the scene with Dell to see what makes QD-OLED great

Title: Alienware 34 Curved QD-OLED Gaming Monitor (AW3423DW)

Creator: Alienware

Views: 100K+ 


What Alienware is saying

Introducing QDD structure (QD color conversion/blue self-emitting/oxide BP).

Vivid and accurate colors optimizing the gaming experience.

Bonus video! Is QD-OLED better than the MacBook Pro Display?

Title: Dell Alienware AW3423DW Review – Quirky but Brilliant QD-OLED

Creator: PC Monitors 

Views: 11K+ 

What PC Monitors is saying

It’s probably the best I’ve actually seen! Particulary the gold color. It is incredibly lifelike and realistic.

Pixel response is just perfect and absolutely flawless. 175hz hertz performance!

Amount of brightness for the daylight is really nice, and has a very natural look to it. 


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